Belleza Formula Regenerating Serum and Anti cellulite body gel 25ml

Belleza Formula Regenerating Serum and Anti cellulite body gel 25ml

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The belleza formula range is pioneering in the field of anti-ageing products. Backed by scientific research and containing specially selected active ingredients, the range provides a professional, effective skin care regime for all types of skin in both women and men. 

The range includes botox effect gel; dynamic ageing is caused by the movement of muscles, this is known as expression lines. Over time this repeated action causes fine lines and wrinkles. This gel targets these lines around the eye and lip area. 

Regenerating serum; research has shown that the skin can be damaged by external aggressors, such as; the environment, smoking and changes in temperature this can lead to a dry, dull complexion. This serum helps to revitalise the skin cells giving the appearance of a softer, younger looking complexion. 

Anti cellulite body gel; research has shown that poor circulation, diet and dehydration can have an effect on the body by developing cellulite. Using this gel can help to improve 'orange peel' appearance of skin. 

Anti-age moisturisation caviar face cream and rejuvenating night cream; the face cream nourishes and plumps the skin surface, revitalising the skin cells which help give strength to the skin matrix. Skin cells rejuvenate overnight and the night cream helps to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.